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Who are we?

Born in Dubai, UAE, Dogex is a subscription based live trade platform to show people what is happening behind the scene in trading crypto currencies, commodities and fiat exchanges. We have been trading and managing investment portfolios since 2011 and been successful to expand our branch from UAE to Australia.

Our business is inspired by the concept of Dogecoin to “Do Only Good Everyday” and therefore our business name is somehow influenced by Dogecoin, Dogex. We believe that Dogecoin is the future of cryptocurrency for many reasons; you can read our article “Its simple, Dogecoin is the future”.

Dogex is a family owned business to lively inform you about critical fundamental news about cryptocurrencies. Also, we trade in front of you, to teach you and help you learn the trading tricks.

Whether you are a mum that you have to take care of your baby at home, or an employed person with a busy job, you deserve to have a chance to WORK FOR YOURSELF. We would like to empower you to work from anywhere and everywhere without having a boss.


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